SL Products for Chemometric Spectroscopy

Our SL product family for chemometric spectroscopy is the comprehensive modular software solution for quantitative and qualitative analysis. The individual modules support a workflow-oriented process – from data acquisition and management to model development and routine operation.

1: Data acquisition 2: Data management 3: Modeling 4: Routine analysis

Phase 1: Data acquisition

SL Predictor – Efficient acquisition of spectra and sample data for modeling

Phase 2: Data management

SL Data Manager – Efficient management of data in CPF project files

Phase 3: Modeling

SL Calibration Wizard – Develop calibrations and applications for chemometric analysis of quantitative product properties

SL Classification Wizard – Develop models for chemometric identification of different product classes

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Phase 4: Routine analysis

SL Predictor – Routine analysis for everyday use in the laboratory or in production

SL Calibration Lock: Protect your calibration models with programmable USB dongles – Download product flyer (DE/EN)

SL Application Development Kit: Versatile function library for your own software – Download product flyer (DE/EN)

SL Embedded Predictor: Chemometrics module for process spectrometers and embedded analyzing and sensor systems

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